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Program Sessions and Topics

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Session 1: Monday, December 13, Morning
Physics of the Early Universe

Topics: String Theory and Inflation

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
9:00Greene, B.: String Theory0001
9:45Dvali, G.: New Physics from Cosmic Acceleration0002
10:05Quinn, H.: CP Violation in Particle Physics and Cosmology0003
10:30Coffee Break---
11:00L. Knox: Probing Inflation0004
11:30Kallosh, R.: Modular and Brane Inflation in String Theory0005
12:00Riotto, A.: The Effect of Inhomogeneities on the Expansion Rate of the Universe0006
12:30Break for lunch---
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Session 2: Monday, December 13, Afternoon
Observations Related to "Early Universe"


Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00Gunn, J.: The Sloan Digital Sky Survey at Four0007
14:35Page, L.: Recent Results from WMAP0008
15:10Frenk, C.: The 2dFGRS and Large Cosmological Simulations0009
15:30Coffee Break---
16:00Tegmark, M.: SDSS, WMAP and the Early Universe0010
16:30Hernquist, L.: Studying Reionization Using Redshifted 21 cm Emission0011
17:00Bromm, V.: The First Stars and their Impact on Cosmology0012
17:30Late breaking news and/or Poster reviews---
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Session 3: Tuesday, December 14, Morning
High Z Universe

Topics: Dawn of Stars, Galaxies, and Black Holes

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
9:00Bunker, A.: Exploring High Redshift Universe: Galaxies at the end of the Dark Ages0013
9:30Ouchi, M.: The Origin of Clusters and Large-Scale Structures: Panoramic View of the High-z Universe0014
10:00Dickinson, M.: Observing Galaxy Evolution with the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey0015
10:30Coffee Break---
11:00Fan, X.: Probing the End of Dark Ages with High-redshift Quasar0016
11:30Gebhardt, K.: The Role of Black Holes in Galaxy Formation0017
12:00Davis, M.: Constraining the Dark Energy with the DEEP2 Survey0018
12:30Break for lunch---
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Session 4: Tuesday, December 14, Afternoon
The Local Universe (z about 1)

Topics: Supernovae and Dark Energy; Gravitational Lensing; Clusters

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00Riess, A.: Kinematics and Dark Energy from Supernovae at z>10019
14:40Khokhlov, A.: Current Progress and Problems in Modeling Type Ia Supernovae0020
15:05Hasinger, G.: Cosmic X-Ray Background0021
15:30Coffee Break---
16:00Fabian, A.: X-Ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies: Latest Developments0022
16:30Refregier, A.: Cosmological Weak Lensing0023
17:00Carlstrom, J.: Cosmology with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect0024
17:30Late breaking news and/or Poster reviews---
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Session 5: Wednesday, December 15, Morning
Black Holes, Disks, and Jets

Topics: Observations and Theoretical Models

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
9:00Genzel, R.: The Galactic Center Black Hole and the Central Star Cluster0025
9:30Fender, R.: Relativistic Jets from Evolving Accretion Discs0026
10:00Schwartz, D. A.: Chandra Observations of Relativistic AGN Jets0027
10:30Coffee Break---
11:00Begelman, M.: Outflows from Black Hole Accretion0028
11:30Celotti, A.: AGN Jets and Their Connection with Accretion: A Phenomenological View0029
12:00Stone, J.: Numerical MHD Models of Accretion Flows0030
12:30Break for lunch---
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Session 6: Wednesday, December 15, Afternoon
Special Parallel Sessions

Parallel sessions will be held in Building 200 (History Corner) located at the lower end of the Quad and facing the oval.

There will be concurrent sessions:

8:00 PM:  Evening Public Lecture:  A. Linde: The Origin and the Fate of the Universe.  Kresge Auditorium.

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Session 7: Thursday, December 16, Morning
Compact Objects

Topics: GRBs, SGR/AXPs, and Magnetars

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
9:00Ricker, G.: Gamma-Ray Bursts and X-Ray Flashes: New Insights from the HETE Mission0031
9:30Kumar, P.: The Enigmatic Gamma-Ray Bursts: A Mystery Being Solved0032
10:00MacFadyen, A.: Relativistic Explosions0033
10:30Coffee Break---
11:00K. Hurley: Observational Properties  of the Soft Gamma Repeaters0034
11:30Kaspi, V.: (Anomalous) X-Ray Pulsars0035
12:00Heyl, J.: Magnetars: Plasma and Vacuum 0036
12:30Break for lunch---
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Session 8: Thursday, December 16, Afternoon
Compact Objects

Topics: Neutron Stars and Binary Neutron Stars, GR Effects

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00Manchester, R.: Millisecond Pulsars and Gravitation0037
14:40Kramer, M.: Testing GR with the Double Pulsar: Recent Results0038
15:00Damour, T.: Binary Pulsars and Strong-Field Tests of General Relativity0039
15:30Coffee Break---
16:00Harding, A.: Pulsar Emission: Is It All Relative?0040
16:30Pavlov, G.: Thermal Radiation from Neutron Stars0041
17:00Lattimer, J.: Neutron Stars as a Probe of the Equation of State0042
17:30Late breaking news and/or Poster reviews---
 Symposium Banquet---
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Session 9: Friday, December 17, Morning
High Energy Particles

Topics: Particle Acceleration Cosmic Rays and UHECRs; Very High Energy Gamma-Rays; Dark Matter Detection; Neutrino Astrophysics

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
9:00Aharonian, F.: Very High Energy Gamma Rays and Origin of Cosmic Rays0043
9:30Watson, A.: The Status of Theoretical and Observational Work on Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays0044
10:00Kirk, J.: Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Flows0045
10:30Coffee Break---
11:00Baudis, L.: Underground Searches for Cold Relics of the Early Universe0046
11:30Piepke, A.: Neutrino Oscillation Experiments0047
12:00Murayama, H.: Neutrinos and the Cosmos0048
12:30Break for lunch---
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Session 10: Friday, December 17, Afternoon
Visions of Future

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00Kolb, R.: Theoretical View0049
15:00Kahn, S.: Experimental View0050
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