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Parallel Session C: Gravitational Waves and Tests of General Relativity
Session Chair: Robert Wagoner

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00Nergis Mavalvala (M.I.T.): Terrestrial Interferometers and Resonant Mass Detectors0301
14:40Sterl Phinney (Caltech): Relativistic Astrophysics and the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna0302
15:10Ken Nordtvedt (Northwest Analysis): 35 Years of Lunar Laser Ranging: Implications for Cosmology 0303
15:40Luciano Iess (University of Rome): The Cassini Solar Conjunction Experiment: A Test of General Relativity Using Precision Doppler Tracking of an Interplanetary Spacecraft0304
16:00Coffee Break---
16:20John Anderson (JPL) : Improved Test of General Relativity with Radio Doppler Data from the Cassini Spacecraft 0305
16:30Slava Turyshev (JPL): The Laser Astrometric Test Of Relativity (LATOR) Mission0306
16:45Francis Everitt (Stanford): Gravity Probe B0307
17:05John Mester (Stanford): Development of the Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle0308
17:25Eric Adelberger (Univ. of Washington): Gravity at Short Range0309
17:55Slava Turyshev (JPL): The Study of the Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneers 10 and 110310
18:10Session Ends---
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