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Parallel Session B: Black Holes
Session Chair: Pisin Chen and Craig Wheeler

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00 Ron Remillard (MIT): X-ray Outbursts from Black-Hole Binaries 0201
14:30 R. Mushotzky (NASA-GSFC): Intermediate Mass Black Holes? 0202
15:00 J. Hawley (Virginia): General Relativistic MHD Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Disks 0203
15:30 Coffee Break ---
16:00 B. Carr (Queen Mary, University of London): Primordial Black Holes 0204
16:30 G. Chapline (LLNL): Dark Energy Stars 0205
17:00 L. Susskind (Stanford): The Anthropic Landscape of String Theory 0206
17:30 End of Session ---
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