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Parallel Session A: GRBs
Session Chair: Tsvi Piran

Time Speaker: Topic PSN
14:00 Fox, D.: Rapid-Response Optical Observations of GRBs 0101
14:20 Bloom, J.: GRB-Supernova Connection: Evidence and Implications 0102
14:40 Berger, E.: Radio Observations and the Energetics of GRBs 0103
15:00 Nakar, E.: Early Afterglow Emission from a Reverse Shock as a Diagnostic Tool for GRB Outflows 0104
15:30 Coffee Break ---
16:00 Lazzati, D.: GRB jets inside and outside the star: precursors and cosmological implications 0105
16:20 Yamazaki, R.: A Unified Model for GRBs 0106
16:40 Ramirez-Ruiz, E.: Hyperaccreting Stellar Mass Black Holes and Gamma-Ray Bursts 0107
17:00 Granot, J.: Polarization in GRBs 0108
17:20 Aloy, M.A.: Relativistic Outflows From Remnants of Compact Object Mergers and Their Viability for Short Gamma-ray Bursts 0109
17:40 Rossi, E.: Theory of a GRB Neutron Rich Fireball 0110
18:00 End of Session ---
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